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Catalogs, brochure, presentations, company presentation. The file already has links to your ERP systems? No problem. ZIZERA automatically keeps and connects them.

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Bring it to life

Add videos, images, galleries, plug it into your online store, pull in shopping lists, social integrations. Share your setup with your colleagues or get an approval. The only limit? Your imagination.

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Publish in all marketing channels at once or schedule it. Push the notifications, plug it into your own app, on your website, in social media. Don’t have an app? ZIZERA makes an app automatically and submits it to App store and Play store.


Browse the New Balance catalogue, take a look at the galleries, save your favorites, watch the videos and more. It showcases just few of the possibilities you can choose from in ZIZERA to interact with your customers online. Have you invested in beautiful and creative design? Make your assets work together and create a smooth and interesting experience for your customers. In one go, automatically.


We’re passionate about transforming flat printing files into apps, dynamic websites, multimedia showcases, shop-able catalogues and more. We’ve been doing it for years for our customers all over the world. Here are projects using ZIZERA. Get inspired and get in touch! We’d love to show what you can do with ZIZERA Enterprise.


The IKEA catalogue brings new ideas for our homes. The interactive publication speaks the end user’s language and provides real time answers based market, region, locations and more.

The ZIZERA technology approach makes it possible for a company that operates all over the world to fully automate, centralize and optimize online publication production. The ZIZERA Software integrates into e-commerce, asset management, and other ERP systems.

ZIZERA is fully GDPR compliant.


Oriflame sells directly to buyers innovative beauty products, inspired by nature. 3 million independent Oriflame consultants in more than 60 countries and ZIZERA are essential parts of Oriflame’s sales approach.

Online catalog production for consultants in each markets is handled in ZIZERA. Interaction is added automatically with full integration between Oriflame’s website, online store and ecommerce system.

Oriflame consultants advice their customers by browsing the catalog in the Oriflame app, on phone, tablet or computer. They use the interactive elements act as inspiration and support for their customers. When the customers decides to buy, he or she adds it to the shopping basket of Oriflame’s online store, without ever leaving the online catalog or getting lost navigating between different environments.


The world’s leading supplier of tools and know-how to the metalworking industry, is present in 150 countries.

Nearly indefinite number of products, extensive specifications, manuals, security information and instructions in 21 languages.

Our customized solution makes it possible to unify and easily navigate the range of material to support a smooth and effective sales process.

Custom search functionality makes it simple to find products and other information across all publications. The system’s shopping functionality is integrated with Sandvik Coromant’s eCommerce system, enabling orders to be placed directly. New publications are intelligently matched against Sandvik Coromant’s database, and product links are added and updated automatically.

A highly appreciated feature is the ability to create custom PDFs by combining sections or pages from different publications. The salesperson can thus create a tailored leave-behind for a customer instead of sending links to multiple publications. This can be easily shared, printed or downloaded.

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We’re passionate about making flat print materials come alive as apps, dynamic websites, multimedia showcases, shop-able catalogues and more. We’ve been doing it for years. Here’s a selection of some of our recent projects. Get inspired and get in touch! We’d love to show what you can do with ZIZERA Enterprise.

Global Furniture Retailer

Interactive publications on all markets with third party integrations such as augmented reality “try before you buy” functionality.

Sandvik Coromant

Interactive publications apps for IOS, Android, Web and offline desktop in 21 languages with integrated shopping list.


Interactive publications embedded on website with e-commerce integration for mobile devices and desktops and localized for each market.

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