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FieldREP is a powerful tool to report variables in OFM, and display them in a professional way.It enables the user to use smart filters within the report

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The plugin that displays data clearly to watch field performance through robust techniques like Pareto Analysis, Control Chart, Probability Distribution, Funnel Chart, and Pie Chart. User have the control over the chart settings, and he can export all the charts as image formats. Data Selection is very flexible where it uses a pivot grid to draw the charts, and update them at the same time.

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This plugin is a connector between Spotfire and OFM. The data from OFM (i.e. calculated variables, equations, decline curve analysis results, etc.) can be exported into Sportfire

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The plugin that can create multi-dimensional charts, where you can add up to five dimensions. Those dimensions are: Plot X-axis, Plot Y-axis, Bubble size (weight), Bubble color, and Bubble Shape. User can export the chart as image formats. The user can take control of the chart settings with the use of the date navigation pane.

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The plugin that provides you a clear view on the well images and all documentations in a high efficiency manner. There is a specific built-in navigation slider to view images.The plugin can flag and rank wells (i.e. flag certain wells for certain criteria or constrain), create and save notes with the ability of retrieve them at any time. Also it can create a summary report compiling all comments, well flags and rankings.

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This Plugin uses Material Balance equation to evaluate historical reservoir performance and predict future pressure and production according to the relevant drive mechanisms. The plugin uses history matching techniques to evaluate aquifer strength if applicable and to sensitize on different reservoir and PVT parameters.

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aquifer performance and vrr

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