He gets knocked down, but he gets up again.

The tale of a bot who, due to his growing pains, continues to be knocked down. Sometimes the down time is minutes, sometimes seconds, sometimes it’s hours. That was 2018 (and some small parts of 2019) Joe_Bot. NEW YEAR, NEW BOT.

2019 Joe_Bot has moved to Amazon Web Services! With this, his up-time is not dependent on Comcast Comcrap’s ability to keep a connection in East of West Virginia. Instead it relies on an extremely dependable service which houses some of the internet’s most popular websites so it kind of has a reputation (and responsibility) to keep the up-time at 99.9999999999%. No more waiting until Mr. Manager can leave work to revive a dead bot.

AWS Management Console showing Joe_Bot’s elastic compute (EC2) instance

So what, you say? So now Joe_Bot will just crash all the time but instead of crashing on a Raspberry Pi it’ll crash ‘in the cloud’, big friggin deal right?

Oh boy. How fucking wrong you are.

watching: enabled

What does this mean!?

It means let it crash. That shit will get rebooted. Without human intervention. So there’s like a mini bot watching over the bot…

They’re going to replace us all.

As usual, everything is an experiment and I’m not even sure of what this is going to cost me. So here’s to another journey in Joe_Bot’s life.