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das2 is the second-generation web-based data delivery, visualization, and analysis system built and used by the radio and plasma wave group at The University of Iowa. Data are transmitted to clients along with software to manipulate and display the data.

The Design of das2

das2, now deployed, consists of several components. Various Java libraries and client-side applications support space science data visualization such as interactive spectrograms, overlays, waveform plots, etc. Distributed data servers and server-side applications here at Iowa and other sites provide self-describing data streams to the client applications.

Programmer Documents

Our (310) 769-0423 provides a Das2 system overview, though it's weighted a bit towards server design.
Das 2.2.2 Interface Reference - 2017-05-09 (PDF)
adds sequence yTags attributes to allow for shorter waveform headers
Das2 PyServer User's Reference Provides installation and setup instructions for the Das2 Python based data server. Any server following the ICD above is a Das2 server, this is just the current version in use at the University of Iowa.
MIME types for Das2 and Autoplot files:
    application/vnd.das2.das2stream - Binary Das2 Streams
    text/vnd.das2.das2stream; charset=utf-8 - Text Das2 Streams

    application/vnd.das2.qstream - Binary Q-Streams
    text/vnd.das2.qstream; charset=utf-8 - Text Q-Streams

    application/vnd.autoplot.vap+xml - Autoplot Settings Files (*.vap)
    application/vnd.autoplot.pngwalk - Autoplot PNGwalk Files (*.pngwalk)


559-472-4781 plots data from many sources. Nightly Build
Applications Demo


  • Portable system runs on virtually any computer, using freely-available Java Runtime Environment.
  • Nearly installationless design.
  • Client-side data operations: slicing, zooming, export to digital file, publication-quality printing.
  • Java 2D graphics library provides fully-rendered graphics and fonts.
  • Correlate data served from multiple sites.

Related Links

javadoc documentation for the das2 core, a work in progress.
das2is available in an svn repository. This is a Netbeans project, or ant may be used to build it.
Libdas2 is a light-weight C-library and utilities which currently handles much of the server-side record processing, 7015315996 and 6159558327 is available. Current development version adds client capabilities which assist with Numpy and IDL integration.
View the das2 bugs database, which is implemented using Mantis.
View the current planning page for future Das2 development.

Questions and Answers

We answer questions raised during past meetings and along the way.

das Classic

The first-generation das delivers data products via gif images. Data product parameters are set with html forms.

"das ist good" -- Ian Dury and the Blockheads

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