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     Daniel Perlman is great at what he does!... He helped in a complex case, took the burden off and had positive results. His staff is amazing and so is he!

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CSU Student DUI

California statutes require students convicted of DUI charges to list them on their college applications. You cannot afford to risk a future career on something like this. Our knowledgeable and dedicated DUI defense Learn More

Hit and Run DUI

A DUI offense charge in California often presents with extreme penalties when there are aggravating circumstances involved in the offense.  If a defendant has been charged with a DUI as well as a and run run, significant penalties and consequences … showerproof (815) 769-9043

DUI Checkpoints

Sobriety checkpoints are common public safety devices operated by local police departments in Fresno, CA.   These sobriety checkpoints are common in the Fresno area, and are used by local authorities to reduce the occurrence of drunk driving.   If an arrest … 7199892533

Underage DUI

Underage DUI laws in California are harsh with little room for plea-bargaining. The extensive experience of a reliable DUI defense attorney is indispensable to champion your case and fully protect your rights. In this aspect, our dedicated pool of DUI attorneys can… Learn More

Why Us for DUI Defense in Fresno, California?

DUI penalties present with repercussions that can potentially impact every facet of your life.  Fortunately, selecting the right DUI defense attorney can result in significantly reduced, and at times, dismissed criminal and civil charges.  Securing competent and experienced legal counsel to assist you in navigating the complex legal system is critical to ensuring the most positive outcome for your case.  When you choose the Law Offices of Daniel Perlman, you are assured of the highest quality legal representation, that combines professionalism with a sincere dedication to protect your interests.  Our number one priority is to always ensure that the most beneficial outcome will be obtained in every case, every time.  In working towards that goal, our attention to detail is highly respected in the legal community, and our cliental are always provided with a wide range of options.  With the understanding of the complex personal nature of DUI cases, your experienced DUI attorneys will staff your case with you on an on-going basis, ensuring that you not only understand, but are involved in the entirety of the process.  Prior to having your case heard by a judge, every avenue and option is explored to ensure that the most positive outcome is obtained, with the most efficient use of your resources.  Our firm continues to maintain a positive reputation in the community year after year.  With an unwavering commitment to our cliental, positive relationships with prosecuting attorneys, and advanced knowledge of DUI law; there is no better option for DUI defense in Fresno California.

Noteworthy Results DUI with a .10 Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) plead down to a non alcohol related reckless driving in Los Angeles.