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If you need quality extermination in the St. George area, you can count on First Defense Pest Control . For nearly 20 years we have provided industry-best pest protection for both residential and commercial customers alike.

Free Pest Inspections

Keeping your home safe is our top priority. We offer free, fast and thorough pest inspections. One of our certified technicians will be happy to find the cause of your pest issue.

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Bed Bug Control

Think you may have bed bugs? We offer completely free bed bug inspections and affordable bed bug treatment options.  Contact us today and stop the spread of bed bugs.

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Scorpion Extermination

We specialize in scorpion infestations and extermination. We are happy to perform a scorpion black light inspection to determine the root of your scorpion problem.


Complete Pest Control You Can Rely On.

St. George is home to a wide variety of pests and selecting the right exterminator for your home or business can be tricky. We make the process simple so you can rest easy. Our certified pest technicians treat your home like it is their own. We only use safe, environmentally-friendly products and pest control solutions. Safe and protected from start to finish.


Dealing with bed bugs can be the worst experience a home owner ever has. We understand and can act fast and efficiently. Free and confidential.


Looking for scorpion pest control? Bark scorpions are our specialty. We have been providing quality scoprion extermination for 20 years.


The VA requires a termite inspection. We offer fast and accurate termite inspections and have same day service available. Full documentation provided.


German cockroaches can infest a home quickly. We have the knowledge and expertise to handle any cockroach problem. Same day service available.


Spiders can be scary, especially if found around your home. Leave it to the professionals and call First Defense Pest Control. We’ve got it covered.


Rats and rodents carry over 100 harmful pathogens and are nothing to mess around with. If you think you have rodent trouble, call for your free rodent inspection.


Drain flies, gnats and other flying insects can be a nuisance. Call First Defense Pest Control and keep the your home pest free. Free inspections are available.


There are many varieties of snakes in St. George, both venomous and non-venomous. We handle both. Let one of our technicians handle something that it while you relax.

Your First & Last Line of Defense

For more than 20 years we have been providing top quality pest protection to homes and businesses around the Southwest, including St. George. We take great pride in our service and even greater pride in knowing your home is pest free and protected. When you sleep good, we sleep good.

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Free Inspections $19 Pest Service

Call (435) 574-2050

Professional Exterminators Serving St. George
Need Reliable Pest Protection? Count on First Defense.

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We understand the uncertainty of dealing with pest related issues and pet and family safety is our primary concern. Every pest control product or solution we use is “Pet and Human” friendly. Safe and reliable extermination that you can count on.

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