Global Crypto Alliance

Presenting CALL token

The VERY First Token Powered by ERC777

Global Crypto Alliance

The GCA offers services to the blockchain world with special rates for Network members.

Blockchain Projects benefit from the support of our global  network of partnerships and services.



  • Bridge services and service providers
  • Provide Marketing services for members
  • Provide Legal support to members
  • Educate both investors and project teams
  • Support start-ups and established projects

Global Crypto Alliance

Decentralized Alliance of qualified experts who provide oversight to a full stack of professional services for Crypto-business development and to the CALL token


A platform to support blockchain projects

The Global Crypto Alliance (GCA) is an international decentralized institution formed by teams of professionals in diverse areas of blockchain computing, cryptocurrencies and business development. It aims to address several major issues in the fast growing blockchain industry by developing services and technology utilizing blockchain. The growing array of services will fulfill the needs of any project; Let this be marketing, legal, technological, humans resources managment, you name it. We either have it or we are working on it.

Additionally, the Alliance continually brings in more companies to its global network forging partnerships and promoting mutual collaboration for blockchain solutions.


CALL Token

  • User authorized operators that allow automatic payments
  • Compatibility with any ERC20 wallet
  • Updatable token functions that allow improvement
  • Increased security
  • Latest advanced Dapp-friendly features
  • Newest philosophy of genuine full control of accounts for holders
  • Capacity to execute 255 payments in one transaction
  • Total Supply locked at 777 million tokens
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