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Recruit, analyze and retain loyal customers.

About Us

We are a team of experience software developers who have a passion for technological innovation. We design and build software applications with new technologies like AI and blockchain. Nothing excites us more than seeing our clients use the solutions we built to grow their businesses.

Our portfolio include solutions for the travel and F&B industries.

Apps we have built

A Chat app for travellers

For travel operators who want to offer a personalized service to their customers. The chat function gives travellers a dedicated channel for advisory and services from the operators. It aims to enhance the experience of the travellers with timely information, offers and assistance.

A Menu ordering app for restaurants

Help restaurant owners reduce manpower cost by having customers place orders through their own phone. Designed to operate in a chain of affiliated restaurants with a single app. It offers a simple and convenient experience for customers dining in the restaurants.

A membership management system

Help corporation sign up their members easily. The system manage the different membership tiers and perform upgrades or downgrades based on the members' spendings.

One Membership App for all businesses

Xchelon is a new solution that we are working on currently. Using our experience working with various membership systems and programs, we designed this multi-tenant membership solution for small and medium businesses.

Features of Xchelon

A multi-tenant customers and membership management solution for businesses.

Easy Sign-up

Customers can sign up for membership easily by scanning the merchant's QR code.

Marketing Tools

Select from a wide range of built-in marketing tools to reach out to your members.

Analytical Data

Understand your members and effectiveness of marketing campaigns with analytical dashboards.


Create and maintain membership programs with different class tiers for separate groups of customers.

Rewards & Points

Track spending and reward your members with points and redemptions.

Cost Effective

Implement sophisticated membership system without huge IT investment.

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