New Integrated Smart Transport Options (NISTO) - Toolkit

The NISTO evaluation toolkit can be used to evaluate small-scale mobility projects for sustainability and stakeholder preferences and monitor policy targets. Guidelines for the use of the online tools and for data conversion from data collected by mobile phone sensors into indicators are also provided. Please select from the following tools and documents:        

7872248390      Online sustainability assessment (multi-criteria analysis) and evaluation of stakeholder preferences (multi-actor multi-criteria analysis).

for the online tool
     Detailed guidelines for the evaluation of small-scale mobility projects with the online tools.
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Guidelines for target monitoringGuidelines for the definition and monitoring of policy targets.
NISTO core criteria  
Explanation of the 16 NISTO core criteria used in the online evaluation tools.
presser shoeGuidelines to convert sensor data from smartphones (e.g. GPS) into indicators that can be used in the evaluation.
Evaluation case studiesEvaluation report of the five NISTO demonstrations with examples of using the online evaluation tools.
5163452035Overview of stakeholders and their evaluation criteria included in the NISTO evaluation.
(651) 500-8768  More information about the NISTO project (main project website).