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Tired of looking up places to eat only to be presented with endless (and mostly irrelevant) options?
Simply launch Omakase on your device, tell us your preferences, and we'll set you on your way.


How Does It Work?

Omakase is driven by a proprietary machine learning algorithm which makes customized restaurant recommendations based on your preferences and dining history.

The algorithm only selects from a curated database of restaurants, ensuring that each experience meets a minimum standard of quality.

Each time you dine with Omakase is an opportunity for the algorithm to learn about your inclinations, helping it make better recommendations the next time around!


Curated Restaurants

Only restaurants who have maintained a certain level of quality make it onto our database, ensuring that your experience will always be an enjoyable one

Individualized Recommendations

No need to browse through countless reviews for thousands of restaurants, we will provide you with 3 personalized (and highly reliable) recommendations

Verified Reviews

Reviews can only be left by users who were verified to have dined at each particular restaurant, eliminating the presence of fake or unreliable reviews

Machine Learning

Our proprietary algorithm is constantly learning about your preferences through your dining experiences - the more you use Omakase, the more accurate our recommendations will be

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Will the applicaton be free?


Which mobile platforms will Omakase be available on?

At launch, Omakase will only be available on iOS devices. We definitely have plans for an Android version, and we'll make sure to update you when that happens!

Who exactly 'curates' Omakase's database of restaurants?

Restaurants in our database are chosen based off a selective criteria which includes the opinions of our users, the experiences of the Omakase team, and an average weighted rating across a variety of websites and publications. Restaurant who fall short of this criteria at any time are promptly removed from our database, while exciting new restaurants are constantly being added.

How are reviews 'verified'?

Reviews can only be left by users who were directed to that particular restaurant by Omakase. Furthermore, our system only allows users to check-in at a restaurant if they are determined to be physically present at the specified restaurant through their device's location services.

Does this mean that Omakase is constantly tracking my location?

Not at all! We respect and value our users' right to their privacy. Like most other apps, your device's location services will only be activated while you are using the app.

In which countries will I be able to use Omakase?

Omakase is currently only available for use in Singapore.


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