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One of Illinois's leading food processors, FL. provides quality Food to Hundreds of customers across the Country With six years of industry experience, we’ve developd a reputation for quality, efficiency aned innovation. These values run throughout our Food products portfolio, and have been essential in making sure that we are able to deliver exactly what our customers need. Food Lover is a company with ambition. We aim to be the most flexible, innovative and reliable partner to our customers relating to chilled and frozen processed Food products. We are also dedicated to taking up a leading position in the continually growing market for appetizers . We are committed to offering extra value, in whatever form, to both our clients and the end-consumers. This ensures that Food Lover is ready for the future!

At Food Lover our vision is pretty simple; to be the best at what we do. We’re not content just to be a market leader in terms of size and scale. We want to lead in quality, efficiency, traceability and sustainability. So we’re committing to doing just that; continuing to develop, research, innovate and invest in every area of our business so that our future will be as distinguished as our past.


Food lover markets its products both unbranded , under one of its own brands , or under private labels. if required,Food Lover is also able to develop a complete concept within your house brand .Ask our sales advisors about the wide range of options

We collaborate and innovate with our customers to make great-tasting foods, and we take pride in driving profitable growth for every retailer, every kitchen, every menu and every plate. We make great-tasting food solutions. We are center-of-plate and sandwich protein Our secret recipe: We listen. Our key ingredient: We exceed expectations.
Mohamed Farouk
Food Lover


Our Factory

OUR Factory

”Quality is not an act, it is a habit” Few yet very true words that best describe our approach on quality.

”I never thought this factory for a processed food for one second” said one of our biggest clients. The food lover factory is established in a modern and opulent design to create an ambience of comfort and tranquility. But as they always say a healthy outside starts from the inside. The factory’s inside is designed to achieve optimal benefit from every square foot inside it. Using the latest technologies in separating between production, warehouse and management with regards to quality and safety measures Food Safety and Quality are Priority #1 FOODLOVER™ is committed to delivering safe, high quality to our customers,We follow world-class food safety regimens in our facility on a daily basis.
DR. Hassan Fahmy
Factory Manager

Fast food is no more junk

Bread Gourmet Food. On the basis of traditional production methods and perfectly coordinated recipes we develop innovative products, which support gourmet philosophy. Whether it’s Cheeseburger, mini meat balls or nuggets – Food Lover is the competent manufacturer for convenient products of the modern, creative kitchen.  Make your food real and safe Regular and careful monitoring is a given. Food Lover also applies the highest standards when it comes to production process hygiene and safety. Our high standards have been certified by independent testing organizations and frequently even exceed the strict testing requirements. Excellent quality Fresh ingredients, outstandingly excellent taste and particularly carefully processed – Food Lover products stand for enjoying top quality food. We do not only promise, we guarantee it. Quality and food safety have always been Food Lover’s top priority. We use only premium raw materials which we source exclusively from selected suppliers with whom we enjoy long-lasting business relationships.

Our Quality Commitment: At Food Lover we are committed to quality in all we do, Our strict quality control and testing protocols on all our products ensure we meet and exceed all government standards to ensure we provide you with safe and delicious products every time. We utilize state of the art testing practices in all of our facilities and measure our abilities using continuous third party audits and evaluations to ensure we deliver on our commitments. From our processes our products and our people we demand the highest quality standards to deliver products you can trust.
DR. Magdy Tolba
Quality Managers

Food Safety

You’re in control of food safety if you CLEAN, COOK, CHILL and SEPARATE

  1. Use a refrigerator thermometer to keep your food stored at a safe temperature (below 4°c).
  2. Defrost food in the refrigerator, the microwave or in cold water, never on the counter.
  3. Always use separate cutting boards for raw meat/poultry/fish and cooked food.

Category Food Refrigerator(4 F or Below) Freezer (0 F or Below)

Hot dogs

opened package

1 week

1 to 2 months

unopened package

2 weeks

1 to 2 months

Luncheon meat

opened package or deli sliced

3 to 5 days

1 to 2 months

unopened package

2 weeks

1 to 2 months

Bacon & Sausage


7 days

1 month

Sausage, raw — from chicken, turkey, beef

1 to 2 days

1 to 2 months

Hamburger & Other Ground Meats

Hamburger, ground beef, turkey, veal,, lamb, & mixtures of them

1 to 2 days

3 to 4 months

Fresh Beef, Veal, Lamb


3 to 5 days

6 to 12 months


3 to 5 days

4 to 6 months


3 to 5 days

4 to 12 months

Fresh Poultry

Chicken or turkey, whole

1 to 2 days

1 year

Chicken or turkey, pieces

1 to 2 days

9 months

Private Labels

try out new things and optimize familiar processes in order to supply you with exactly what you want. Our processing is traditional, and our recipes are creative

Customer oriented

Food Lover goes the extra mile in terms of customer focus. In fact, quite a few extra miles. We can deliver our products in virtually any desired form. Uncooked or pre-cooked, in variable product weights, with customer-specific recipes, chilled or frozen, pre-packaged or in whole-sale packaging, packaged in a protected environment... everything is possible at Food Lover in-house logistics with limited outsourcing allows for a high degree of flexibility in delivery. On-time delivery is as natural to us as creating a high quality product.

A large number of our products are sold to the retail market under private labels . Food Lover supplies different Ready Quick products under various labels to a number of retailers & provides Food service on a daily basis. We also deliver a wide range of Ready Quick products to traditional resellers.

"We are really good at customizing products to your needs, and love creating something above and beyond your expectations. Your private label product is made by our professional team who are perfectionists about every aspect of your project-it has to be perfect in consistency, color, flavor and packaging. No detail is too small."
Hany Gaber
Business Development Manager


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