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I’m a postgraduate just graduate from PKU few month ago and work in Oracle now. My major is software engineering and I am very interested in machine learning fields. Hope we can communicate and promote ourself skill here.

This blog is used to take some notes in my daily self studying. Maybe will record other things I just want to talk. 😊

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刚开始按照网上教程配置好phpmyadmin时,每次登陆相对地址错误导致总是跳转回首页需要再在地址栏输入一遍地址才能正确访问,然后 […]



上传图片的时候发现出现了这个错误,查了一下发现默认是2m,如果要更改设置 首先 vi /etc/nginx/nginx.conf […]


以前的博客一直放在godaddy上,偷懒直接买的wordpress模板服务器,然后觉得linode的服务器只放一个shadowso […]

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