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Welcome to the WxChallenge, the North American collegiate weather forecasting competition.

WxChallenge is open to all undergraduate, graduate and PhD students, as well as higher-education faculty, staff, and alumni. Here’s the challenge: forecast the maximum and minimum temperatures, precipitation, and maximum wind speeds for select U.S. cities. Over a ten-week period (each semester), you'll compete against top student and faculty meteorologists for honors as the top weather forecaster in North America.

The weather challenge is a great way for you to:

  • Apply your meteorological knowledge to real-life situations
  • Build your résumé and show off your forecasting skills to potential employers
  • Compete against people with similar skills and interests

Take the challenge.

Exclamation Mark NOTE CONCERNING PRECIPITATION VERFICATION AT ANCHORAGE, AK (PANC) - After contacting the PANC NWS WFO, all liquid precpitation will verify using ASOS observations. However, during mixed phase or frozen precipitation, IF (AND ONLY IF) A GLARING/SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE EXISTS between the ASOS and CLIMO reports, verification will be adjusted using CLIMO values from local midnight to local midnight AND per guidance from the NWS. NOTE: 0600 to 0600 UTC is the verifiaction period.

Exclamation Mark The current forecast site is PANC - Anchorage, AK.. All forecast are due by 0000 UTC.


The fundamental intent of the WxChallenge is to provide an educational opportunity, and a fair, friendly competition between teams and individuals. It also provides an opportunity to teach participants about ethics and best practices in collaboration and fair play. For calification, while a discussion about general issues concerning a particular forecast is acceptable (and encouraged), sharing specific values of forecast variables is not acceptable prior to the forecast entry deadline.

The following examples are unacceptable forms of collaboration in the WxChallenge:

  • A forecaster shares (verbally or electronically) specific information about their own forecast with another forecaster, or a group of forecasters, prior to the forecast entry deadline (e.g., "I forecast a high of 57.")
  • An instructor encourages his/her class to forecast variables within a specific, narrow range, for example, less than 5 degrees.
The following examples are acceptable forms of collaboration in the WxChallenge:
  • An instructor of a class gives a detailed analysis of the previous day's forecast, challenges, model biases, and a physical interpretation of verification.
  • In a class, a forecaster gives a discussion of the features that may play a role in a given forecast (e.g., forcing mechanisms, physical processes expected to affect forecast parameters, model differences, model trends), and only gives broad ranges of values specific to WxChallenge forecast variables.

Lightning Mark Critical Notice
For regular contest updates and notes, follow @WxChallenge on Twitter.

Question Mark Did you know?
You can enter forecasts as many times as you like. You are not limited to one forecast per day.

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