Yokkar cab services

Anywhere, Anytime

With just the push of a button on your iOS or Android app, you can call a taxi from Yokkar anywhere in the city at any time. We are available 24/7 for your convenience.

User friendly

We guarantee that you will not find an app as easy to navigate and use as ours. Each feature is present exactly where you need it. We have different kinds of cabs for your budget.


As soon as you cab starts or arrives, and even after it departs from your location, you can be sure of receiving a notification from us. In the midst of all other apps in the phone, you will find it easy to spot these.


It is our endeavor to make transport more accessible to every individual, especially for those with disabilities. VoiceOver, Android TalkBack and real time GPS really help in simplifying the ride. Let it seem like your own car for that period.

Payment control

Our payment gateways are secure enough, so you do not have to worry about your transactions. Only the amount that is rightfully your fare will be deducted through the app. Some of our customers have already expressed their confidence in our technology.

24x7 support

We provide cab services 24x7 to your city, which means that support is also available for the same duration. At any time if you have problems with the app, or you wish to locate certain features but are unable to do so, get in touch with us.

Find your ride with a click

Press a button and you have your taxi, download the app. The app is available for Android systems and for iOS systems. You do not have a compatible phone? Navigate easily with the browser of your smartphone.

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Your Safety First

Keep your loved ones aware about your journey routes or call emergency services when in require.

24/7 Customer Support

A committed 24x7 customer support team constantly at your service to help resolve any problem.





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