Self destructing encrypted notes

Securely send passwords, PINs, messages, or other sensitive or private information via a one-time link. All notes are encrypted, and destroyed immediately after viewing.


Before you begin, have the secret text you wish to transmit ready to go. This might be a username+password pair, an SSL certificate, grandma's cookie recipe, or whatever. Plain text only, no file attachments.
  1. Transcribe or copy-and-paste your secret message into the big text box below.
    If you have a username+password pair, put both in the big box.
  2. Click the "Generate" button to create a one-time password to accompany the one-time link.
  3. Click the "Submit" button to get the one-time link.
After you've created your one-time link and one-time password, you can give them (together) to your intended recipient. You might do this by email, IM, or even SMS.

Type or paste your text below:
Enter or generate an optional one-time password: ? This password will encrypt and decrypt your note, rather than the one created by the server.
(Please be patient) ? A puzzle is solved in your browser proving you are human. The puzzle should be solved in a few seconds at most depending on your hardware.