How it Works

“Let Your Life Stories Live On.”

That’s exactly what we help you do, document your own life stories in your own voice.

We then professionally edit and produce the audio to its absolute essence. Once you listen and approve we present the final product to you in an attractive package.

Recording sessions are audio only, no cameras involved.

We will sit down with you in your home and have a relaxed chat about your life, helping you recall stories you’d like to share with family and friends. You will enjoy our time together and those that know and love you will treasure the result.


One Session

A relaxed recording session in your home.

90 minute session.

Audio only – no cameras


Just Being a Kid

Capture the wonder of a childhood in progress

90 minute session

Audio only – no cameras


Tribute Session

Record tributes from up to twelve people.

2-Hour session

Audio only – no cameras


Multiple recording sessions qualify for $50 discount per session

Say It Forward

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Hi, my name is Gene Bridges. I live in Blue Springs, Mo. I do the interviewing for Say It Forward. Actually, I think its more a chat than an interview. My wife and I will come to your home for the recording session.

Once the ice is broken, we’re really just new acquaintances that are very interested in hearing about your life. Since you’re an expert on your life everything just kind of falls in place. Before we actually sit down to record I will have presented you a prep sheet with potential areas of discussion. You select some items off the list and add a few things of your own.

From beginning to end, this exclusively involves what you want to talk about and pass on to your children and grandchildren. I’ll ask follow up questions and we can stop and start as necessary. If you think of additional information regarding something we’ve already talked about, no problem…editing audio is second nature to me.

The sessions are estimated to take 90-minutes but I won’t cut you off in mid sentence. We’re going to get all the pertinent information in your Say It Forward session. That’s why we do planning up front.

After I’ve done the editing and production, I’ll present you with an “approval copy” of your recording session. It will be divided up into chapters, introduced by my voice. For example, “Chapter one, childhood.” I will also record an introduction and closing over music.

Other than that, its you, or if a couple, the two of you, telling your life stories. It will be edited down to its essence and easy to follow. Once I have your approval you will receive a package containing two (2) CD packets and two (2) USB thumb drives. The CD packets will also include a chapter card with the photo of your choice on the front and the chapters listed by number and name on the back. If you have questions, please use the e-mail contact feature on this site. I will personally get back to you.

A little about me:

I grew up on a farm in the “bootheel” of Missouri. I attended College of the Ozarks in Pt. Lookout, MO. I became very interested in radio while working in the campus station and went on to a career in radio, working in Omaha, Miami and Los Angeles.

In the early 90’s I became interested in producing Radiothons for Children’s charities and have helped raise millions of dollars in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand and Australia. One of my proudest achievements was being named St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Man of the Year in 1991.

Why I created Say It Forward

As a child I sat spellbound as my mother enthusiastically told family stories of her generation and before, speaking in the vernacular of the region and time which made it all the more interesting and entertaining. I have regretted for many years not taking the time to record those stories. The thought occurred to me many times but I never acted on it.

Now I’m the senior citizen, able only to recall bits and pieces of that wonderful family lore. What I would give today to be able to play that precious audio for my kids and grandkids; to have them pass it on to future generations.

If you’ve had it cross your mind to capture the life stories of your parents, Say It forward can create an audio time capsule that will enrich and enlighten the family history for their children, your children and your children’s children.

Yes, I regret missing the opportunity to let my mom’s life stories live on but I thoroughly enjoy helping other people tell their stories. That’s why I created Say It Forward.

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