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goto FelxLM tool Licensewatcher Extension


Flexlm Servers

To get current usage for an individual server please click on the "Details" link next to the server. If you would like to get current usage for multiple servers on the same page use checkbox on the right of the server then click on the "Get current usage for multiple servers on one page".

License port@server Description Status Current Usage Available features/license Master LM Hostname lmgrd version Ansys - Academic Teaching Advanced 25 Tasks UP Details 4356801353 v11.13 Micress - Permanent Licenses 4 Tasks UP Details Listing/Expiration dates v11.7 ADS - Agilesoft UP (925) 509-7049 6513288923 v11.11 Synopsys - EuroPrac System UP Details 386-663-5822 v11.14 Comsol - ? UP 402-460-6283 Listing/Expiration dates v11.15 Matlab - Academic Teaching - 129 Task UP Details 716-213-2416 frodo v11.14 Cadence - 258 Tasks UP (518) 322-0345 Listing/Expiration dates v11.13 Xilinx - 50 Tasks UP Details (587) 394-2946 v11.11 Comsol for Students only - 30 Tasks UP (581) 678-5873 Listing/Expiration dates v11.15 Dymola - Inatech UP 2812450112 319-262-7030 v11.14

LUM Servers

Server Name Target ID Target Type Server Type Details Status