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Managed Accounts

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Our dedicated, experienced team of traders utilizes advanced strategies, algorithms, and technology to optimize the returns on your investment.​

Digital Asset Advisors offers Managed Accounts to individual and institutional investors. With Managed Accounts, Digital Asset Advisors conducts market research and executes all trades for clients with their invested funds. Digital Asset Advisors specializes in identifying highly profitable investment opportunities in the rapidly growing sector of digital currency (cryptocurrency) and Blockchain technologies. Profits realized have been consistently higher than those of investments in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, and other asset classes.

Digital Currency Aggregated Funds

We offer three digital currency funds that provide convenience, liquidity, and substantial profit potential in the rapidly growing sector of digital currency. Clients may invest in one or more funds, depending upon their investment goals and risk tolerance.​

  1. Digital Asset Advisors High-Yield Intelligent Growth Fund
  2. Digital Asset Advisors Moderate Intelligent Growth Fund
  3. Digital Asset Advisors Conservative Intelligent Growth Fund

Financial Goals

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Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies have revolutionized the finance industry and have caught the attention of Wall Street, governments, and major private and institutional investors. There hasn’t been and likely will not be another change in the finance sector as fundamental as Blockchain and digital currencies during our lifetimes. With change and innovation comes incredible opportunities for profits, moreso than can typically be seen through traditional investments in stocks, mutual funds, and other slow-growing assets. Through our Managed Accounts and digital currency aggregated funds, we offer you the opportunity to allow us to invest your funds to help you to reach your financial goals, with minimal effort required by you.

Investment and Trading Strategies

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A diversified investment portfolio may include investments in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds – through another investment management firm – as well investments in Bitcoin and other digital currencies (cryptocurrencies) through Digital Asset Advisors, a private equity firm.​

Our founder and Managing Director, Travis Morphew, has spent years creating and refining the stock trading tools and algorithms that are used today by dozens of the largest hedge funds on Wall Street. While working directly with these multi-billion dollar hedge funds, Travis achieved greater than 40% personal returns through investments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. By co-founding Digital Asset Advisors, Travis has been able to offer the same trading strategies and profitability to the public.​

By leveraging investments in long or short positions, we have maintained profits in bull and bear markets. Travis is personally involved in all trading decisions involving client funds.

We have such faith in our company, our team, and our investment strategies that we use the same people and strategies to manage our personal investments as we do your investment.

About Digital Asset Advisors, LLC

Digital Asset Advisors was one of the first and is a leading cryptocurrency hedge fund. Digital currencies (cryptocurrencies) are among the most rapidly growing assets that we will see in our lifetimes. Digital Asset Advisors capitalizes on this unique opportunity by providing clients with Managed Accounts and digital currency aggregated funds, which are comparable to traditional mutual funds of stocks.​

One of our holdings, Ripple, increased in value by 249% over a three-month period, and another holding, Ethereum, increased in value by 391% over a four-month period. Certainly results and returns vary, though these two recent examples demonstrate the possible returns realized with Digital Asset Advisors.​

Through experience, expert analysis, research, collaboration, and complex algorithms, we specialize in identifying unique highly profitable investment opportunities.

Our techniques and algorithms include some of the same ones used by dozens of the largest hedge funds on Wall Street since Travis, our co-founder and a Managing Partner, designed and maintained the algorithms and infrastructure for these hedge funds for years. Travis has now brought his experience to helping investors like you to realize substantial profits.​

We offer aggressive, moderate, and conservative strategy digital currency aggregated funds. We strive to maintain the same consistent profits for our clients that we have in the past.

Unlike traditional hedge funds, which often have strict requirements for potential investors, Digital Asset Advisors’s Managed Accounts and digital currency funds are available to the public, as well as to family offices and institutional investors.

contact us if you would like to buy Bitcoin or invest in digital currency (cryptocurrency).

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