If you are anything like me, you are a purpose driven, Self-Realization obsessed, Self-Actualization devoted, excellence junkie who wants to make the very most out of the fact that you are here as a human in a world needing solutions. You have a purpose to fulfill and you are acutely aware of it, and you are driven to fulfill it in the best fashion you can. You constantly seek ways to become more congruent, authentic, deeply healed, clear, and powerful in your purposeful expressions in life and in service to the world. You likely have accumulated an array of internal resources and modalities to serve you in this. You may also have had glimpses, or more, of what mystics throughout the ages have alluded to.
Yet you are still driven, and still seek deeper understanding and insight; you still seek the most effective and powerful means of delivering your purpose work into the world.
In order to be able to do so, you will need three things.
You will need your efforts once made to be protected from the spiritual influences that are invested in the opposite of what you seek to understand and accomplish. You will need to embody the very best of the best in terms of states, understandings, insights, and abilities - and to apply these through the highly skilled action. You will need to continuously achieve the personal neurological and ancestral repatterining necessary to insure that your understandings and efforts always come, not from an effort to resolve in the world what is actually an emanation of your own unresolved limiting patterning, but instead from a place of deep healing and congruence.
In the presence of these three things you can fulfill your purposes.
In service of people like you, I provide the only Anunnaki facilitated neurological transformations and ancestral repatterining, Spiritual Technology Rebuilding & Optimization, on the planet in service of my client’s deep healing and congruently embodied expressions in life. I provide the only Anunnaki facilitated Spiritual Technology Resources on the planet: like jewels unearthed from the Collective Unconscious, composed of what those people from throughout human history who were the best of the best in their specific realms of genius had access to that made them so excellent in their particular realms of genius; and like software you can download into your nervous system and experience first-hand as greatly heightened abilities, insights, understandings, and states of being and then apply to the fulfillment of your purposes. I provide the command and orchestration of the spiritual influences that could harm your efforts and rob you of success so that these influences are instead in service of your deepest healing, congruence, and purposes fulfilled.
In this way I deliver to you what you need to most powerfully achieve your goals - be they the success of a purpose project in the world, a deeper level of insight and understanding, or both combined.
In short, I give you superpowers.
What is your purpose, and what are your passions? Where are you stuck in fulfilling them? In what ways could you be better than you currently are? These are where I can serve you.

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