‘Akasha’ - a space in which to shine

Akasha wellness

With state of the art pilates reformer beds imported from California and a range of yoga styles, Akasha Wellness can strengthen the body, improve your fitness and focus the mind. Akasha Wellness is situated in a beautifully converted barn in the Hertfordshire countryside offering a uniquely inspiring space which can be as energising as it is calming.

Our offering

Reformer Pilates

Proven over decades to have a unique ability to stretch, strengthen and align the body, the reformer bed dramatically accelerates the changes you want in your body and is the key to delivering Joseph Pilates’ promise of feeling better in ten sessions, looking better in twenty and having a complete new body in thirty.


Yoga is about creating balance in the body through developing both strength and flexibility. Yoga uses poses that can be done quickly in succession, creating heat in the body through movement or more slowly to increase stamina and perfect the alignment of the pose. The poses are a constant, but the approach to them varies offering something for everyone from beginner to advanced. 


A low impact, total body workout performed at a ballet barre. It combines elements of Pilates, Yoga, resistance training and ballet into a highly effective workout. Small isometric contractions are performed and integrated with an interval training approach that burns fat and improves cardiovascular fitness. 

1:1 training

A dedicated studio offering both 1:1 training and rehabilitation sessions enabling us to create totally individual and bespoke programs, designed specifically for the unique goals and needs of the client.